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Via gets 71 million dollars to study high frequency rail service on Toronto Quebec City corridor

Image by Erich Westendarp from Pixabay

The possibility of a high-frequency rail project between Quebec City and Toronto is getting a boost thanks to a $71-million feasibility study announced in Trois-Rivieres Tuesday.

The rail project would involve building dedicated tracks along the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal-Quebec City corridor, purchasing new trains and providing a high-frequency service. Connections would also be made to Peterborough, Ont., and Dorion and Trois-Rivieres in Quebec.

Some of the money will fund work to make sure Via trains can easily move between any new dedicated tracks and local transit systems in Montreal and Toronto. For Montreal, that includes running Via trains along the REM electric-rail system currently under construction.

The goal is a more modern and commercially successful rail service, and encouraging commuters to leave their cars at home to reduce vehicle emissions and result in less highway traffic.

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